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Note from the founder.

Dear Kikibix Family

Most of us struggle to balance eating right, dieting and weight. Not to forget additional problems like unbalanced diet, acne, and untimely cravings. Unfortunately the options for healthy packaged snacks available are very few, and most of them are falsely wrapped in a "healthy" label without any nutrients in true sense.

I started Kikibix to solve this challenge, make an authentic, genuinely healthy product, and bring up the "SIMPLIFY SNACKING" concept!

As a Pediatrician and in the medical field for more than 15 years, I have seen the concerns about diet and health. I had always told my patients to have a wholesome, nutritious diet, but I soon realized the options were limited. Unfortunately, the colourful packaged foods we are attracted to are just empty calories, highly processed, and nutritionally devoid.

My experience and passion for creating something wholesome and natural led to establishing the brand Kikibix, through which we aim to bring everyone a range of good quality snacks.

I approached my mom for recipes from her childhood when every snack was homemade with simple ingredients and no added chemicals, and with these recipes and lots of experiments in the kitchen, Kikibix was born. At Kikibix, we believe in "STAYING HEALTHY NOT HUNGRY"!

Yours Truly,

Dr. Ridhi Kaur (Founder)