About Us

Who better to emphasise the advantages of eating clean and nutritious food than a doctor herself? As a pediatrician and being in the medical field for more than 15 years, she had seen the worry and concerns relating to diet and health.

She always told her patients to have a wholesome, nutritious diet, but soon realized the limited options available. Unfortunately, the colourful packaged foods we are attracted to, are just empty calories, highly processed, and nutritionally devoid.

Her own experience and the passion to create something wholesome and natural led to the establishment of the brand Kikibix, through which Dr Ridhi aims to bring a range of good quality snacks to everyone. 

She approached her mom for recipes from her childhood when every snack was homemade with simple ingredients and no added chemicals, and with these recipes and lots of experiments in the kitchen, Kikibix was born. At Kikibix HEALTHY IS TASTY!!!

Our products are made with the goodness of millets and whole grains like jowar, ragi, oats, sattu which have been passed on for ages as the true powerhouses of nutrition. Along with a combination of various nuts and seeds, desi ghee, and spices  these are your perfect buddies for your cravings and snacking.

We understand that the conscious choice to eat right is the first step towards your health and we want to be a part of your journey to follow this lifestyle.

Kikibix is a perfect solution to your food cravings, which you can now enjoy guilt free. Say goodbye to the carb loaded processed snacks. Eat right and stay bright!

Choose natural, choose unprocessed, choose unrefined. Choose Kikibix.