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Summer is here and vacations are around the corner, but the thought of moving outside makes our head swoon, why??? 

The fear of heat stress.


Summer has started with hot shimmering temperatures between 38-45℃ and this can result in extreme weakness and heat exhaustion creating a feeling of anxiety, lethargy, drowsiness, dehydration or even heat stroke.


Here are 7 simple tricks you can implement to avoid heat related illness and enjoy summer effortlessly


  • Help yourself to replace the lost fluids from your body during summer by drinking more water or liquids like coconut water, buttermilk, and fresh fruit juices.
  • Avoid sugary energy drinks.

    Natural fabrics 
  • Switch to natural fabrics like cotton, linen, khadi instead of synthetic clothes.
  • Wear loose clothes which will allow your body to breathe

    Have Seasonal fruits
  •  We are blessed in summer to have delicious watery fruits like muskmelon, water melon, mangos, cucumbers, so binge on these

  • Cover yourself up
  • Wear a hat with brim to avoid direct heat on your head.
  • Coat your skin with a good sunscreen.
  • Wear sunglasses while stepping out.
  • Carry an umbrella along with you.

    Time yourself
  • Avoid stepping out in the peak hours of heat. Mornings and late evening are the best time for outdoor activities. 
    Never Leave you child in the parked car
  • When parked in the sun, the temperature in your car can rise 20 degrees Fahrenheit (more than 11 C) in 10 minutes.
  • It's not safe to leave a child in a parked car in warm or hot weather, even if the windows are cracked or the car is in shade.


  •  Don’t let the heat stop you from exercising.
  • Choose activities like swimming, and aqua exercises to beat the heat and have fun while working out.

Lastly, after all these precautions and preventions,See a doctor or seek help if you start to feel extremely weak, pass out or feel as if you might, experience vomiting, have shortness of breath, have any change in orientation, or anything else that feels abnormal or scary. Better safe than sorry!” 


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