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Are protein cookies good after a workout?

Are protein cookies good after a workout?

Are protein cookies good after a workout?

Post workout protein bars and shakes are passe! The new taste of protein cookie is in! Yes, a post workout snack that’s as yummy as a cookie, has absolutely no match! However, a post-workout protein cookie is different from a routine cookie and a much healthier alternative too. How? Let’s know about it in detail in this blog.

Firstly, as simple as it sounds — it’s a healthy, protein-rich cookie! Which means, these yummy baked goods are high on ingredients like protein powder, healthy carbs (such as oats or bananas), and low on fats, sugar, bad carbs and harmful preservatives. A protein cookie can be customized for any flavor preference or dietary restriction with endless options for healthy eating!

So, is it a good post workout Snack?

Yes, it absolutely is! Though the word “cookie” is never associated with a healthy post-workout snack, we're here to change your mind! As opposed to a regular cookie: A proper post-workout protein cookie contains all of the necessary nutrients like carbs and protein which are required to speed up the recovery and repair of your muscles, post a rigorous workout and keep you full for long. 

Carbs are necessary to prevent muscle breakdown and increase protein synthesis, while protein provides your muscles with essential amino acids to assist the repairing and rebuilding phase. And, what’s more tempting than a cookie to be a tasty, portable, and convenient way to repair your muscles with fast fuel once your workout is over! 

But, not all cookies are good to eat for your health! So, before you put your hands on anything available straight off the supermarket counters, look out for the ingredients that should be avoided:

Processed Ingredients, carbs and fats 

Look closely at the labels for ingredients that are used in code words, as they are most likely to be the artificial preservatives used in your favourite cookie. Also Avoid ingredients like palm kernel oil, processed flour, dyes/colors or additives. 

Artificial Sugars

Artificial alternatives to natural sugar are more harmful than good. Watch out for sneaky artificial sugars, like Sugar alcohols, high fructose corn syrup, and maltodextrin which can harm digestion and even cause weight gain. 

High Sugar Content

Fat would be the last thing you want, post a workout. So check for the sugar content and type on the pack. While a little sugar post-workout can help provide your muscles with the fuel it needs, too much can work the opposite. Always opt for natural sugar sources, such as bananas or honey, when possible! 

Craving to binge on healthy cookies? Try Kikibix protein rich delights!

A post-workout cookie isn’t a bad nutritional choice, as long as it’s packed with proteins and good carbs. And that is why we bring cookies that are as good in taste and health as a homemade snack by our mothers!

  1. MILLET APRICOT- Millets that are high in protein are combined with the goodness of dried apricots, and a natural source of unrefined sugar- jaggery, to make a healthy protein rich cookie for post workout recovery. It comes with added health benefits of milk and bran that make this cookie a wholesome treat to savour.

  1. PEANUT BUTTER CHOCO- Where taste meets health! Enjoy this protein rich and tasty cookie while achieving your health goals. It is made from the choicest ingredients like peanut butter and oats that help you move forward in your health journey and a delectable chocolate flavour to raise the taste quotient. 


Have weight management in mind? Don’t worry. Our Oats and Cranberry delight contains the taste and flavour of any random tasty cookie, but without the ill effects of it on your health. Stirred up with milk, bran, raisins, pumpkin seeds and jaggery, this cookie is all you need to mark up your taste and health aspect.

Eat healthy be healthy with Kikibix!

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