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Can a cookie be healthy?

Can a cookie be healthy?

One can find an abundant variety of cookies available in the market. But the question remains whether they are nutritious or not. Healthy cookies are a rarity. The ones we generally get to buy in shops are highly processed, lacks nutritional value and are just empty calories. The presence of unhealthy maida, extra sugar, artificial flavours and preservatives in cookies lead to obesity and other health disorders. 

A cookie can indeed be healthy if the right ingredients are used. In this regard, homemade healthy cookies can be your solution. Home is where mom’s love resides. The knowledge about the ingredients and recipes that have been passed on to generations ensures that the food we eat is good for our health.

Today, cookies have become a popular choice in our diets. A morning breakfast without tea, coffee and cookies are incomplete. It is therefore important to make sure that they are healthy. Often when the cookies are healthy it lacks in their taste. Kikibix cookies are one of the healthy cookies in India. Your snack time can now be filled with wholesome delicious cookies. 

Health benefits of Kikibix cookies- 

Helps in reducing weight

The absence of maida and the use of jowar, ragi, chana sattu and oats flours in Kikibix cookies help you in losing weight. It provides the adequate amount of calories required for your body to kick-start your day. It not only keeps your stomach full but also prevents you from overeating. 

Boosts immunity

Healthy Kikibix cookies have jaggery and honey in them instead of sugar. This prevents the risks of diabetes and heart-related diseases. As the primary ingredient of Kikibix cookies, jaggery and honey boost immunity, detoxify the body, boosts energy and is also known to prevent anemia.

Strengthens brain function

Cookies that contain pure ghee strengthen brain function. It improves memory and assists the nervous system more effectively. The first five years of children are crucial for their brain development. Ghee is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which are essential for kids during their early years. 

Highly nutritious

Kikibix cookies are free of any preservatives and artificial flavours. Consumption of preservatives eventually leads to the weakening of heart tissues, especially in the aged. The homemade cookies of Kikibix are a combination of cranberry, tulsi, almonds, raisins, walnuts, orange jest, pumpkin seeds among others. Each of these ingredients is known for its high nutritional value. 

Good for bone health

Cookies are rich in calcium, protein and fibre. For instance, the Ragi Mocha cookie and the Jowar figs cookie of Kikibix are derived from the protein-rich jowar and ragi flour. The addition of figs in the cookies builds up the calcium and potassium content necessary for our bones. 

Avoids inflammation

Healthy cookies like the Immunity Spice Cookie of Kikibix use turmeric and pumpkin puree. Both are known for their anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Cookies can therefore also benefit your skin health. A cup of tea and a warmed cookie can be your healthy breakfast meal. 

Where to buy healthy cookies?

Now that you know that cookies can be healthy, are you wondering where to buy them? You can buy healthy cookies online at our website - Kikibix. For varied taste and healthier alternatives, you can each of the following -

  1. Cranberry Oats Cookies
  2. Gud Chana Cookies
  3. Ragi Mocha Cookies
  4. Cranberry Walnut Cookies
  5. Immunity Spice Cookie
  6. Oats Cranberry Lite Cookies
  7. Jowar Chocolate Cookies, and
  8. Jowar Figs Cookies. 

A family that eats healthy stays happy. However, with the everyday challenges at work and family responsibilities, we often tend to drift away from taking care of our most important treasure- our health. A healthy diet is everything. Apart from eating vegetables and fruits, you can add these healthy cookies to your diet. Nothing beats homemade food that’s healthy and flavoursome.

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